Agreement that all doors and windows shall have a body shape representation 

Based on          IFC2x3

Initiator            ISG Meeting-Helsinki

Effects              Coordination View 2.0

Date                    2012 09 24


For all doors and windows it is required to export a Body representation. This applies also for doors and windows with parametric definition by lining properties and panel properties.

Additionally the IfcDoorStyle / IfcWindowStyle is mandatory to indicate which is the preferred definition by the use of the attribute ParameterTakesPrecedence.

In CV 2.0 the parametric definition is not certified, but if both definitions are used (explicit and parametric) they have to be consistent.

By this agreement the import of IFC data into general IFC viewer applications is simplified and better overall support guaranteed.

This implementer agreement revokes the previous agreement CV-2x3-114.

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