Agreement to use standard shape representation type names "Axis", "FootPrint" also for IfcStairFlight and IfcRampFlight 

Based on          IFC2x3

Initiator            Official buildinSMART IFC2x3 CV2.0 certification programme

Effects              Coordination View 2.0

Date                    2011 09


In order to rationalize the use of representation types, IfcShapeRepresentation.RepresentationType to have it consistently as "Axis" for a line based representation, and "FootPrint" for ground floor the agreement of correct use of representation types for IfcStairFlight and IfcRampFlight is altered.

The current definition from the IFC2x3 specification for IfcShapeRepresentation for IfcStairFlight and IfcRampFlight is as following:

    * WalkingLine: A two-dimensional open curve, IfcBoundedCurve, defining the walking line for the stair flight.

    * Boundary: A two-dimensional closed curve, IfcBoundedCurve, defining the boundary of the stair flight.

The new Implementer Agreement CV-2x3-168 introduces the renaming of the representation type names into:

IfcShapeRepresentation.RepresentationIdentifier : 'Axis'

IfcShapeRepresentation.RepresentationType : 'Curve2D', 'GeometricCurveSet'

IfcShapeRepresentation.RepresentationIdentifier : 'FootPrint'

IfcShapeRepresentation.RepresentationType : 'GeometricCurveSet'

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