Agreement on applicable geometric items to be used for axis representation [modified 2011-07-16]

Based on          IFC2x3

Initiator            Official buildinSMART IFC2x3 CV2.0 certification programme

Effects              Coordination View 2.0

Date                    2010 09 [modified 2011-07-16]


Only the following geometric representation items are allowed as an 'Axis' shape representation of IfcWall, and IfcWallStandardCase.

    1. linear segment as IfcPolyline with two points, or as IfcTrimmedCurve with BasisCurve being an IfcLine.

    2. circular arc segment as IfcTrimmedCurve with BasisCurve being an IfcCircle.


    * An 'Axis' shape representation is mandatory IfcWallStandardCase and optional for IfcWall.

[Added 16-07-2011]

    * An 'Axis' shape representation is also optional for IfcBeam, IfcColumn, IfcMember. The requirements shown above do not apply for these elements.

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