Agreement on how to differentiate space boundaries between first level and second level 

Based on          IFC2x3

Initiator            ISG Meeting-Amsterdam

Effects              Extended Coordination View

Date                    2008 06 24


The instances of IfcRelSpaceBoundary should be differentiated by the Name attribute:

    * for first level space boundaries, set Name='1stLevel', e.g. 

     - #250=IFCRELSPACEBOUNDARY('3nzLNSko1B7gq78r6E6aVI',#5,"1stLevel",$,#46,#67,#252,.PHYSICAL.,.NOTDEFINED.);

   * for second level space boundaries, set Name='2ndLevel'

      - #250=IFCRELSPACEBOUNDARY('3nzLNSko1B7gq78r6E6aVI',#5,"2ndLevel",$,#46,#67,#252,.PHYSICAL.,.NOTDEFINED.);

In addition, check the IFC Header Implementation Guide to set the addon View definition to either SpaceBoundary1stLevelAddOnView or SpaceBoundary2ndLevelAddOnView. It should be exported as:

        * FILE_DESCRIPTION(('ViewDefinition [CoordinationView, SpaceBoundary1stLevelAddOnView]'),'2;1');

        * FILE_DESCRIPTION(('ViewDefinition [CoordinationView, SpaceBoundary2ndLevelAddOnView]'),'2;1');

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