Export geographic data if available, including latitude, longitude, elevation, address and true north [modified 2011-07-13]

Based on          IFC2x3

Initiator            ISG Meeting-Prague

Effects              Extended Coordination View

Date                    2007 02 26


The following geographic information should be exported as part of the extended coordination view, if it is available to the exporting system (e.g. as part of user input):

    1. latitude, longitude and elevation within the geodetic system WGS84

    2. address given as country, city, zip-code, address lines - in some countries, a region may be provided additionally

    true north as 2D direction, indicating the derivation of the positive y axis of the project coordinate system to the north direction

The information is exported into:

    1. IfcSite.RefLatitude, IfcSite.RefLongitude - as [degrees, minutes, second, micro seconds], IfcSite.RefElevation [as length measure]

    IfcBuilding.BuildingAddress :: IfcPostalAddress [see NOTE 1: added 2011-07-13]


NOTE 1: added 2011-07-13

The following agreement is made regarding the provision of address:

    * the address, if available, shall always be exported as IfcBuilding.BuildingAddress

    * within the Coordination View V2.0, the address shall not be exported as IfcSite.SiteAddress


to 1.

#109=IFCSITE('30kooSTG92lR6dcl7curCu', #33, 'Site_01', $, $, #108, $, 'Example Site', .ELEMENT., (48,7,58,800000), (11,34,34,540000), 500.34, $, $);

to 2.

#35=IFCPOSTALADDRESS($,$,$,$,('Any Street 12'),$,'Munich','Bavaria','80000','Germany');

#36=IFCBUILDING('1VP6n5Llf2YvEbkIyrqQcE',#33, 'Building_01', $, $, #25, $, 'Example Building', .ELEMENT., 500.34, $, #35);

to 3.




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