CV-2x3-133 (aka CV-06-133)

 Restrict the insertion point of doors and windows in regard to the opening.

Based on          IFC2x3

Initiator            ISG Meeting-Dijon

Effects              Extended Coordination View

Date                    2006 11 24


Doors an windows inserted into an opening should follow an agreement about positioning. The proposal is:

    * Doors and windows shall have a local placement, the local placement shall be relative to the opening into which they are inserted.

    * Doors and window should be located inside the first quadrant of the local placement with the insertion point of the door aor window at the origin.

    * The insertion point of the door andwindow is defined to be the lower-left-bottom corner of the door and window panel.

The following figures show correct placements of doors inside a wall.



Figure 1: Insertion of doors (showing wall lines) inside the wall


Figure 2: insertion of doors (w/thresholds and lines indicating wall lines) inside the wall


Figure 3: Insertion of doors (w/lines indicating frame header) inside the wall

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