CV-2x3-126 (aka CV-06-126)

Agreements on the limited subset of text style entities and attributes to be supported  [modified 2007-05-14]

Based on          IFC2x3

Initiator            ISG Meeting-Munich

Effects              Extended Coordination View

Date                    2006 05 05


For the implementation of text within the IFC2x3 extended coordination view the following agreements and limitations are made:

    * the supported text is available as model text (vector based test) and drafting text (true text fonts), only the drafting text is exported

    * the IfcTextStyle is supported with TextFontStyle being IfcTextStyleFontModel, using Name, FontFamily and FontSize (drafting height), and TextCharacterAppearance being IfcTextStyleForDefinedFont using Colour

    * the length measures used within the IfcTextStyle are all given as drafting values (1:1 on paper) 

In addition to the style, the text is placed within the model by IfcTextLiteral (and subtype IfcTextLiteralWithExtend. The following agreements are made:

    * IfcTextLiteral is supported for single line text

    * IfcTextLiteralWithExtent is supported for single and multi-line text

    * the attributes Placement, Literal and Extent are supported, Path is always assumed to be .LEFT.

    * the BoxAlignment may be supported (to be determined yet)

Addition 2007-05-14:

    * any text in IFC2x3 coordination view is a model text - i.e. the text style refers to model units

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