CV-2x3-117 (aka CV-2006-117)

Use of the same parameterization for profiles in IFC2x2 and IFC2x3 based on center of bounding box 

Based on          IFC2x2 & IFC2x3

Initiator            ISG Groove space discussion

Effects              Extended Coordination View

Date                    2006 02 24


Between IFC2x2 and IFC2x3 the definition on how the parameter of all asymmetric (in at least on direction) parameterized profile definitions are applied have changed:

    * in IFC2x2 all parameter have beed applied relative to the center of gravity,

    * in IFC2x3 all parameter are applied relative to the geometric center (the center of the bounding rectangel), the offset of the center of gravity in now only for informational purposes. 

The agreement is, that the IFC2x3 convention is now also applied to writing and reading of IFC2x2 files, software tools that support the asymmetric parametric profile definitions for the IFC2x2 schema are advised to use the IFC2x3 definition.

NOTE: There is no schema change between 2x2 and 2x3, only a change in the convention on how the parameters are applied.

The following entities are effected by this agreement:

    * IfcAsymmetricIShapeProfileDef

    * IfcLShapeProfileDef

    * IfcUShapeProfileDef

    * IfcTShapeProfileDef

    * IfcCShapeProfileDef

    * IfcCranePailFShapeProfileDef

    * IfcCraneRailAShapeProfileDef 

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