CV-2x3-110 (aka CV-06-110)

 Revoke the agreement on not allowing vertical clipping planes 

Based on          IFC2x3

Initiator            ISG Meeting-Berlin

Effects              Extended Coordination View

Date                    2006 02 24


A previous implementer agreement from IFC1.5.1/2x timeframe, that disallowed clipping planes that are vertical within the world coordinate system, is revoked.

Clipping planes are now acceptable for all objects independent of their orientation.


For IfcWallStandardCase, vertical clippings, that are used for wall end caps, shall already be included in the footprint profile. An IfcWallStandardCase shall not have vertical clipping planes.

updated [06-07-2011] Additional clarification decided in ISG certification teleconference

Clipping planes with normals perpendicular to the extrusion directions are not allowed for IfcWallStandardCase. If a wall has such vertical clipping planes, either the footprint profile has to be adjusted, or it has to be exported as IfcWall. No other element types are effected by this implementer agreement.

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