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RiskType P_ENUMERATEDVALUE / IfcLabel / PEnum_RiskType
Risk TypeIdentifies the predefined types of risk from which the type required may be set.
NatureOfRisk P_SINGLEVALUE / IfcLabel
Nature Of RiskAn indication of the generic nature of the risk that might be encountered. NOTE: It is anticipated that there will be a local agreement that constrains the values that might be assigned to this property. An example might be 'Fall' or 'Fall of grille unit' causing injury and damage to person and property.
SubNatureOfRisk1 P_SINGLEVALUE / IfcLabel
Sub Nature Of Risk1A first subsidiary value that might be assigned to designate a more specific type of risk. NOTE: Nature of risk may be identified in various ways depending upon the place where risk assessment takes place and according to local agreement. This property set allows for a generic nature of risk and up to two subsidiary natures. An example might be 'causing injury and damage'.
SubNatureOfRisk2 P_SINGLEVALUE / IfcLabel
Sub Nature Of Risk2A second subsidiary value that might be assigned to designate a more specific type of risk. An example might be 'o person and property'.
RiskCause P_SINGLEVALUE / IfcText
Risk CauseA value that may be assigned to capture the cause or trigger for the risk. An example might be 'poor fixing'.
AssessmentOfRisk P_ENUMERATEDVALUE / IfcLabel / PEnum_RiskAssessment
Assessment Of RiskLikelihood of risk event occurring. Note that assessment of risk may frequently be associated with the physical location of the object for which the risk is assessed.
RiskConsequence P_ENUMERATEDVALUE / IfcLabel / PEnum_RiskConsequence
Risk ConsequenceIndicates the level of severity of the consequences that the risk would have in case it happens.
RiskRating P_ENUMERATEDVALUE / IfcLabel / PEnum_RiskRating
Risk RatingA general rating of the risk that may be determined from a combination of the risk assessment and risk consequence.
RiskOwner P_ENUMERATEDVALUE / IfcLabel / PEnum_RiskOwner
Risk OwnerA determination of who is the owner of the risk by reference to principal roles of organizations within a project. Determination of the specific organization should be by reference to instances of IfcActorRole assigned to instances of IfcOrganization (if assigned).
AffectsSurroundings P_SINGLEVALUE / IfcBoolean
Affects SurroundingsIndicates wether the risk affects only to the person assigned to that task (FALSE) or if it can also affect to the people in the surroundings (TRUE). For example, the process of painting would affect all the people in the vicinity of the process.
PreventiveMeassures P_LISTVALUE / IfcText
Preventive MeassuresIdentifies preventive measures to be taken to mitigate risk.

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