PSET_TYPEDRIVENOVERRIDE / IfcSpatialStructureElement

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Property Agreement

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AgreementType P_ENUMERATEDVALUE / IfcLabel / PEnum_PropertyAgreementType
Agreement TypeIdentifies the predefined types of property agreement from which the type required may be set.
Identifier P_SINGLEVALUE / IfcIdentifier
IdentifierThe identifier assigned to the agreement for the purposes of tracking.
Version P_SINGLEVALUE / IfcLabel
VersionThe version number of the agreement that is identified.
VersionDate P_SINGLEVALUE / IfcDate
Version DateThe date on which the version of the agreement became applicable.
PropertyName P_SINGLEVALUE / IfcLabel
Property NameAddressing details of the property as stated within the agreement.
CommencementDate P_SINGLEVALUE / IfcDate
Commencement DateDate on which the agreement commences.
TerminationDate P_SINGLEVALUE / IfcDate
Termination DateDate on which the agreement terminates.
Duration P_SINGLEVALUE / IfcDuration
DurationThe period of time for the lease.
Options P_SINGLEVALUE / IfcText
OptionsA statement of the options available in the agreement.
ConditionCommencement P_SINGLEVALUE / IfcText
Condition CommencementCondition of property provided on commencement of the agreement e.g. cold shell, warm lit shell, broom clean, turn-key.
Restrictions P_SINGLEVALUE / IfcText
RestrictionsRestrictions that may be placed by a competent authority.
ConditionTermination P_SINGLEVALUE / IfcText
Condition TerminationCondition of property required on termination of the agreement e.g. cold shell, warm lit shell, broom clean, turn-key.

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