Natural language names
Building System Type Enum
Enumération des types de système
Change log
IFC2x3 to IFC4
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Type definition

This enumeration identifies different types of building systems.

HISTORY  New enumeration in IFC4.
Enumeration definition
FENESTRATIONSystem of doors, windows, and other fillings in opening in a building envelop that are designed to permit the passage of air or light.
FOUNDATIONSystem of shallow and deep foundation element that transmit forces to the supporting ground.
LOADBEARINGSystem of building elements that transmit forces and stiffen the construction.
OUTERSHELLSystem of building elements that provides the outer skin to protect the construction (such as the facade).
SHADINGSystem of shading elements (external or internal) that permits the limitation or control of impact of natural sun light.
TRANSPORTSystem of all transport elements in a building that enables the transport of people or goods.
Formal representations
XML Specification
 <xs:simpleType name="IfcBuildingSystemTypeEnum">
  <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
   <xs:enumeration value="fenestration"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="foundation"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="loadbearing"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="outershell"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="shading"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="transport"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="userdefined"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="notdefined"/>
EXPRESS Specification
TYPE IfcBuildingSystemTypeEnum = ENUMERATION OF (

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