E.4.4 Column straight rectangle tessellation

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General Usage

The example shows a straight column with a rectangular cross section being tessellated with a mesh. Figure 460 and Figure 461 display the rendering in a target application.

The example shows a tessellation with adding the normals at each vertex to the data set. The list of vertices given by the IfcCartesianPointList3D and the list of normals given by the IfcTriangulatedFaceSet.Normals are corresponding lists, therefore the IfcTriangulatedFaceSet.NormalIndex is not provided and the IfcTriangulatedFaceSet.CoordIndex applies to both lists.

column_rectangle_straight_tessellated_reference-view_edges column_rectangle_straight_tessellated_reference-view_shaded

Figure 460 — tessellated rectangular
column visualized with edges visible

Figure 461 — tessellated rectangular
column visualized without edges

NOTE  There is no color information within the file, the displayed color has been set by the target application as a default.

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