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Global Or Local Enum
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Type definition

This enumeration type defines if the local object coordinate system or the global world coordinate system for the project is used to describe the measure values of entities which have a reference to this type.

NOTE  The world coordinate system is given by the IfcGeometricRepresentationContext.WorldCoordinateSystem and is unique within the project. The local (or object) coordinate system is given by IfcProduct.ObjectPlacement and is used by all IfcRepresentation's within the IfcProduct.Representation.

HISTORY  New enumeration in IFC2x2.
Enumeration definition
GLOBAL_COORDSThe global project coordinate system is used.
LOCAL_COORDSThe local object coordinate system is used.
Formal representations
XML Specification
 <xs:simpleType name="IfcGlobalOrLocalEnum">
  <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
   <xs:enumeration value="global_coords"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="local_coords"/>
EXPRESS Specification
TYPE IfcGlobalOrLocalEnum = ENUMERATION OF (

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