Natural language names
Specular Highlight Select
Sélection de réflexion spéculaire
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Type definition

The IfcSpecularHighlightSelect defines the selectable types of value for specular highlight sharpness.

NOTE  The two select types relate to the different ways to specifiy the sharpness (or shininess) of the specular part of the reflectance equation. For each surface side style only one of the two methods is needed for calculating the specular part of the equation.
HISTORY  New select type in IFC2x2.
Select definition
Formal representations
XML Specification
 <xs:group name="IfcSpecularHighlightSelect">
   <xs:element ref="ifc:IfcSpecularExponent-wrapper"/>
   <xs:element ref="ifc:IfcSpecularRoughness-wrapper"/>
EXPRESS Specification
TYPE IfcSpecularHighlightSelect = SELECT (

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References  References: IfcSurfaceStyleRendering

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