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Unitary Equipment Type Enum
Enumération des types d'équipement unitaire
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Enumeration defining the functional type of unitary equipment.

HISTORY  New enumeration in IFC2x. DEHUMIDIFIER added in IFC4.
Enumeration definition
AIRHANDLERA unitary air handling unit typically containing a fan, economizer, and coils.
AIRCONDITIONINGUNITA unitary packaged air-conditioning unit typically used in residential or light commercial applications.
DEHUMIDIFIERA unitary packaged dehumidification unit. Note: units supporting multiple modes (dehumidification, cooling, and/or heating) should use AIRCONDITIONINGUNIT.
SPLITSYSTEMA system which separates the compressor from the evaporator, but acts as a unitary component typically within residential or light commercial applications.
ROOFTOPUNITA packaged assembly that is either field-erected or manufactured atop the roof of a large residential or commercial building and acts as a unitary component.
USERDEFINEDUser-defined unitary equipment type.
NOTDEFINEDUndefined unitary equipment type.
Formal representations
XML Specification
 <xs:simpleType name="IfcUnitaryEquipmentTypeEnum">
  <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
   <xs:enumeration value="airhandler"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="airconditioningunit"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="dehumidifier"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="splitsystem"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="rooftopunit"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="userdefined"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="notdefined"/>
EXPRESS Specification
TYPE IfcUnitaryEquipmentTypeEnum = ENUMERATION OF (

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References  References: IfcUnitaryEquipment IfcUnitaryEquipmentType

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