Natural language names
Document Status Enum
Enumération des statuts de document
Semantic definitions at the type
Type definition

IfcDocumentStatusEnum enables selection of the status of document information from a list of choices.

HISTORY  New enumeration in IFC2x.
Enumeration definition
DRAFTDocument is a draft.
FINALDRAFTDocument is a final draft.
FINALDocument is final.
REVISIONDocument has undergone revision.
Formal representations
XML Specification
 <xs:simpleType name="IfcDocumentStatusEnum">
  <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
   <xs:enumeration value="draft"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="finaldraft"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="final"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="revision"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="notdefined"/>
EXPRESS Specification
TYPE IfcDocumentStatusEnum = ENUMERATION OF (

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