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Alarm PHistory

buildingSMART Data Dictionary


Enabled P_REFERENCEVALUE / IfcTimeSeries / IfcBoolean
EnabledIndicates whether alarm is enabled or disabled over time.
Condition P_REFERENCEVALUE / IfcTimeSeries / IfcIdentifier
ConditionIndicates alarm condition over time. The range of possible values and their meanings is defined by Pset_AlarmTypeCommon.Condition. An empty value indicates no present alarm condition.
Severity P_REFERENCEVALUE / IfcTimeSeries / IfcInteger
SeverityIndicates alarm severity over time, where the scale of values is determined by the control system configuration. A zero value indicates no present alarm.
Acknowledge P_REFERENCEVALUE / IfcTimeSeries / IfcLogical
AcknowledgeIndicates acknowledgement status where False indicates acknowlegement is required and outstanding, True indicates condition has been acknowedged, and Unknown indicates no acknowledgement is required. Upon resetting the condition, then acknowledgement reverts to Unknown.
User P_REFERENCEVALUE / IfcTimeSeries / IfcIdentifier
UserIndicates acknowledging user over time by identification corresponding to IfcPerson.Identification on an IfcActor.

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