E.9.1 Wall elemented case

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General Usage

This example illustrates a framed wall with openings suitable for a door and window.

NOTE  The example wall is very typical of residential construction in the U.S., consisting of "2x4" framing with gypsum panels on each side.

The wall has three layers: forward-facing drywall, framing, and rear-facing drywall. Each of these layers are modeled as IfcMaterialLayer and have corresponding parts which elaborate each into elements. Geometry for items makes use of IfcMappedItem for efficiency in storage and processing, such that a mesh for each shape need only be instantiated once, and then transformed multiple times.

NOTE  The particular rules defining layout of components of framed walls are out of scope of this specification.

The example in Figure 500 shows the solid representation of the elemented wall, the example in Figure 501 shows the same elemented wall in transparent mode.

elemented wall elemented wall

Figure 500 — Elemented wall solid representation

Figure 501 — Elemented wall transparent representation to show inner structure

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