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Definition from buildingSMART International: Instances of the entity IfcStructuralPlanarAction are used to define constant planar actions. Structural loads applicable to planar actions are IfcStructuralLoadPlanarForce and IfcStructuralLoadTemperature.

The structural load, defining the planar action is given by the attribute AppliedLoad at the supertype IfcStructuralActivitiy. The coordinate system, in which the AppliedLoad is defined is given by the attribute ObjectPlacement at the supertype IfcProduct.

HISTORY: New entity in Release IFC2x Edition 2.

Topology Use Definition

Instances of IfcStructuralPlanarAction shall have a topology representation. It includes a placement and a product representation. The IfcProductRepresentation shall be given by an item of Representations being of type "IfcTopologyRepresentation".


The placement for IfcStructuralPlanarAction is determined at its supertype IfcProduct. It is defined by the optional IfcObjectPlacement, referenced by ObjectPlacement at IfcProduct, which establishes, if given, the object coordinate system that is referenced by the applied load.

Topology Representation

Instances of IfcStructuralPlanarAction shall have a topology representation given by a face with an optional additional geometric representation of the included surface. It can be provided by either

which should be the single item of IfcTopologyRepresentation.Items.

EXPRESS specification:

ENTITY IfcStructuralPlanarAction
SUPERTYPE OF (IfcStructuralPlanarActionVarying)
SUBTYPE OF ( IfcStructuralAction);
ProjectedOrTrue  :  IfcProjectedOrTrueLengthEnum;

Attribute definitions:

ProjectedOrTrue  :  Defines if the load values are given by using the length of the member on which they act (true length) or by using the projected length resulting from the loaded member and the global project coordinate system. It is only considered if the global project coordinate system is used, and if the action is of type IfcStructuralLinearAction or IfcStructuralPlanarAction.

Formal Propositions:

WR61  :  A planar action should place either a planar force or a temperature force.

Inheritance graph

ENTITY IfcStructuralPlanarAction;
GlobalId  :  IfcGloballyUniqueId;
OwnerHistory  :  IfcOwnerHistory;
Name  :  OPTIONAL IfcLabel;
Description  :  OPTIONAL IfcText;
ENTITY IfcObjectDefinition;
HasAssignments  :  SET OF IfcRelAssigns FOR RelatedObjects;
IsDecomposedBy  :  SET OF IfcRelDecomposes FOR RelatingObject;
Decomposes  :  SET [0:1] OF IfcRelDecomposes FOR RelatedObjects;
HasAssociations  :  SET OF IfcRelAssociates FOR RelatedObjects;
ENTITY IfcObject;
ObjectType  :  OPTIONAL IfcLabel;
IsDefinedBy  :  SET OF IfcRelDefines FOR RelatedObjects;
ENTITY IfcProduct;
ObjectPlacement  :  OPTIONAL IfcObjectPlacement;
Representation  :  OPTIONAL IfcProductRepresentation;
ReferencedBy  :  SET OF IfcRelAssignsToProduct FOR RelatingProduct;
ENTITY IfcStructuralActivity;
AppliedLoad  :  IfcStructuralLoad;
GlobalOrLocal  :  IfcGlobalOrLocalEnum;
AssignedToStructuralItem  :  IfcRelConnectsStructuralActivity FOR RelatedStructuralActivity;
ENTITY IfcStructuralAction;
DestabilizingLoad  :  BOOLEAN;
CausedBy  :  OPTIONAL IfcStructuralReaction;
ENTITY IfcStructuralPlanarAction;
ProjectedOrTrue  :  IfcProjectedOrTrueLengthEnum;