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The data model consists of the following:

Defined types
Select types

The IfcDateTimeResource schema defines dates and times that may be applied. The date and times include specifying a calendar date, a local time with possible daylight saving offset compared to solar time, the local time offset to coordinated universal time, and complete specification of combined date and time.

IfcDateTimeResource schema is defined following an adaptation of date_time schema contained in the ISO/CD 10303-41:1992, Industrial Automation Systems and Integration: Product Data Representation and Exchange Part 41: Integrated generic resources: Fundamentals of product description and support. For more information on the definitions as defined in the formal ISO standard please refer to: ISO/IS 10303-41:1994. The formal standard can be obtained through the local publishers of standards in each individual country. The definitions are also based on ISO 8601:1988/2000 Data elements and interchange formats - Information interchange - Representation of dates and times, which among other things define Gregorian calender.

Amendments and extensions to the schema have been defined to meet the requirements of buildingSMART defined business processes in AEC/FM design, construction and facilities management operations.

HISTORY This schema was introduced in IFC R2.0. Its entities were formerly part of IfcPropertyResource.

Entities (4):

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Defined types (7):

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Go to Diagram 1 IfcHourInDay
Go to Diagram 1 IfcMinuteInHour
Go to Diagram 1 IfcMonthInYearNumber
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Select types (1):

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Enumerations (1):

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Functions (3):