Natural language names
Fire Suppression Terminal Type Enum
Enumération des types d'appareil terminal d'extinction d'incendie
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Type definition

The IfcFireSuppressionTerminalTypeEnum defines the range of different types of fire suppression terminal that can be specified.

HISTORY  New type in IFC2x2.
Enumeration definition
BREECHINGINLETSymmetrical pipe fitting that unites two or more inlets into a single pipe. A breeching inlet may be used on either a wet or dry riser. Used by fire services personnel for fast connection of fire appliance hose reels. May also be used for foam.
FIREHYDRANTDevice, fitted to a pipe, through which a temporary supply of water may be provided. May also be termed a stand pipe.
HOSEREELA supporting framework on which a hose may be wound.
SPRINKLERDevice for sprinkling water from a pipe under pressure over an area.
SPRINKLERDEFLECTORDevice attached to a sprinkler to deflect the water flow into a spread pattern to cover the required area.
USERDEFINEDUser-defined type
NOTDEFINEDUnderined type.
Formal representations
XML Specification
 <xs:simpleType name="IfcFireSuppressionTerminalTypeEnum">
  <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
   <xs:enumeration value="breechinginlet"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="firehydrant"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="hosereel"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="sprinkler"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="sprinklerdeflector"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="userdefined"/>
   <xs:enumeration value="notdefined"/>
EXPRESS Specification
TYPE IfcFireSuppressionTerminalTypeEnum = ENUMERATION OF (

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