Fundamental concepts and assumptions

This specification consists of a schema defining data types, along with common concepts indicating use of data types for particular scenarios. This chapter defines such common concepts, which are applied at entities having specific use. Such concepts also form the basis of model views, which are supplementary specifications that adapt the scope and rules of this schema for targeted domains within the building industry.

Each concept template defines a graph of entities and attributes, with constraints and parameters set for particular attributes and instance types. Various entities within this schema reference such concept templates and adapt them for particular use according to parameters.

EXAMPLE  The 'Ports' concept template defines distribution system connectivity for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems; a pipe segment defines an application of the 'Ports' concept, having one port as an inlet and another as an outlet.
Concept templates
Template General Usage
Project Context X
  Project Declaration X
  Project Units X
  Project Representation Context X
  Project Global Positioning X
  Project Classification Information X
  Project Document Information X
  Project Library Information X
Object Definition X
  Object Typing X
  Property Sets X
    Property Sets for Objects X
      Property Sets with Override X
    Property Sets for Types X
    Property Sets for Performance X
  Quantity Sets X
Object Attributes X
  Software Identity X
  Revision Control X
  Object User Identity X
  Object Predefined Type X
  Object Occurrence Attributes X
    Element Occurrence Attributes X
      Door Attributes X
      Window Attributes X
Association X
  Classification X
  Document Association X
  Approval Association X
  Constraint X
  Material Association X
    Material Single X
    Material Layer Set X
    Material Layer Set Usage X
    Material Profile Set X
    Material Profile Set Usage X
    Material Constituent Set X
Object Composition X
  Aggregation X
    Element Composition X
    Element Decomposition X
    Spatial Composition X
    Spatial Decomposition X
  Nesting X
    Object Nesting X
    Element Nesting X
    Port Nesting X
  Element Voiding X
  Element Projecting X
Object Assignment X
  Actor Assignment X
  Control Assignment X
  Group Assignment X
  Product Assignment X
  Process Assignment X
  Resource Assignment X
  Product Type Assignment X
  Resource Type Assignment X
Object Connectivity X
  Spatial Structure X
    Spatial Container X
    Spatial Containment X
  Space Boundaries X
    Space Boundaries 1st Level X
    Space Boundaries 2nd Level X
  Element Connectivity X
    Path Connectivity X
    Port Connectivity X
  Element Filling X
  Control Flow X
  Structural Activity X
  Structural Connectivity X
  Sequential Connectivity X
Product Shape X
  Product Placement X
    Product Local Placement X
  Product Geometric Representation X
    CoG Geometry X
    Box Geometry X
    Annotation Geometry X
      Annotation 2D Geometry X
      Annotation 3D Geometry X
    Axis Geometry X
      Axis 2D Geometry X
      Axis 3D Geometry X
    FootPrint Geometry X
      FootPrint GeomSet Geometry X
    Profile Geometry X
      Profile 3D Geometry X
    Surface Geometry X
      Surface 3D Geometry X
    Reference Geometry X
    Body Geometry X
      Body SurfaceOrSolidModel Geometry X
      Body SurfaceModel Geometry X
      Body Tessellation Geometry X
      Body SweptSolid Geometry X
      Body AdvancedSweptSolid Geometry X
      Body Brep Geometry X
      Body AdvancedBrep Geometry X
      Body CSG Geometry X
      Body Clipping Geometry X
    Clearance Geometry X
    Lighting Geometry X
    Survey Points Geometry X
    Mapped Geometry X
  Product Topology Representation X
    Reference Topology X
Product Type Shape X
  Product Type Geometric Representation X
    Type Axis Geometry X
    Type Body Geometry X
    Type Lighting Geometry X
    Type Clearance Geometry X
Resource Limits X
  Resource Cost X
  Resource Quantity X

Partial templates in use
Template General Usage
Partial Templates X
  Values X
    Single Value X
    Bounded Value X
    Enumerated Value X
    List Value X
    Table Value X
    Reference Value Time Series X
  Quantities X
    Length Quantity X
    Area Quantity X
    Volume Quantity X
    Weight Quantity X
    Count Quantity X
    Time Quantity X
  Geometry X
    Solid Model Geometry X
      Faceted Brep Geometry X
      Advanced Brep Geometry X
    Surface Model Geometry X
      Tessellated Geometry X
        Triangulated Geometry X
        Polygonal Geometry X
  Geometry Styles X
    Geometry Curve Style X
    Geometry Text Style X
    Geometry Fill Area Style X
  Material Definition X
    Material X
  Material Styles X
    Material Surface Style X
      Material Surface Color Style X

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