4.1.6 Project Library Information

Projects may define libraries holding revisions of the project such as model servers or databases. Multiple libraries may be referenced to indicate multiple revisions, multiple branches, and/or multiple servers.

If IfcLibraryInformation is provided, the project must be retrievable (provided the user has access permissions) using values as follows:

IfcLibraryInformationHTTP HeaderDescription
Location/fully qualified URL for retrieving (or updating) the project in the content type specified
VersionETagversion stamp for qualifying a particular version, in a format specific to the server, which may be sorted by ordinal for comparison
VersionDateLast-ModifiedUTC date and time of file as recorded on server
Publisher(username)the account handle submitting a project revision is identified by the Identification of IfcPerson

The following standard HTTP operations may be supported by a server (in addition to any extended operations) for retrieving or updating such data given access rights:

OPTIONSDetermine the available HTTP operations.
HEADDetermine the latest version of a project without downloading it.
GETDownload the latest version of a project (or specific version with ETag provided).
PUTReplace the project, clearing any version history. Servers may reject or otherwise modify such submitted content.
POSTUpload a new version of a project, appending to version history. Servers may reject, merge, or otherwise modify such submitted content.
DELETEDelete the project.

The following standard MIME types may be supported by a server (in addition to any proprietary formats) for uploading and downloading data for use in the HTTP Accept header:

MIME TypeFormat

Figure 7 illustrates an instance diagram.

Project Library InformationIfcContextIfcRelAssociatesLibraryIfcLibraryInformationIfcLabelIfcLabelIfcPersonAndOrganizationIfcPersonIfcIdentifierIfcDateTimeIfcURIReferenceIfcTextIfcLabelIfcLabelIfcLabel

Figure 7 — Project Library Information

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