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Definition from buildingSMART: An physical quantity, IfcQuantityCount, that defines a derived count measure to provide an element's physical property. It is normally derived from the physical properties of the element under the specific measure rules given by a method of measurement.

EXAMPLE: An radiator may be measured according to its number of coils. The actual counting method depends on the method of measurement used.

HISTORY New entity in IFC Release 2.x . It replaces the calcXxx attributes used in previous IFC Releases

EXPRESS specification:

ENTITY IfcQuantityCount
SUBTYPE OF ( IfcPhysicalSimpleQuantity);
CountValue  :  IfcCountMeasure;
WR21  :  CountValue >= 0.;

Attribute definitions:

CountValue  :  Count measure value of this quantity.

Formal Propositions:

WR21  :  The value of the count shall be greater than or equal to zero.

Inheritance graph

ENTITY IfcQuantityCount;
ENTITY IfcPhysicalQuantity;
Name  :  IfcLabel;
Description  :  OPTIONAL IfcText;
PartOfComplex  :  SET [0:1] OF IfcPhysicalComplexQuantity FOR HasQuantities;
ENTITY IfcPhysicalSimpleQuantity;
Unit  :  OPTIONAL IfcNamedUnit;
ENTITY IfcQuantityCount;
CountValue  :  IfcCountMeasure;